Trump Attacks Biased Russian Inquiry


The American people must make it clear to Trump that firing Mueller or pardoning his witnesses will bring severe consequences, and call out our congressional colleagues who put party over truth.

In 2016, Russia used the weapons of information warfare to attack the United States. The Kremlin’s goal: to undermine our democracy and weaken the United States and our Western democratic allies.

This is not the opinion of one senator, or of one political party. It is the unanimous conclusion of our nation’s intelligence community.

With his most recent indictment of 13 Russian operatives and three Russian companies, special counsel Robert Mueller further illuminated the depths of Russia’s information warfare campaign against the United States. Last month’s filing followed indictments and/or guilty pleas from several of President Trump’s onetime associates — including campaign chairman Paul Manafort, top campaign aide Rick Gates, campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos and former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Yet despite this effort to expose our Russian enemies and bring them to justice, Mueller now sits squarely in the crosshairs of Trump and his allies.

Earlier this year, we learned how close our nation came to an extraordinary abuse of presidential power when it was revealed that President Trump ordered Mueller’s firing last June. He reportedly backed off only when White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign rather than carry out the  order.

On Saturday, the president’s own lawyer, John Dowd, resurfaced this dangerous prospect when he called for the Mueller probe to be shut down. He said that was his personal opinion, but Trump quickly made clear that is his opinion, too.

“The  should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime,” the president tweeted Saturday evening, calling it a  “witch hunt.” He continued his attack Sunday morning with a tweet branding the investigation partisan and unfair.

Unfortunately, these are only the latest chapters in a seemingly coordinated effort to undermine not only Mueller, but also the career law enforcement and intelligence professionals investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.



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