Stressed Out , Try Writing A Romcom

    A simple man's eight hours of hell


    Decided today was the day that I would try writing a romantic comedy or RomCom as they’re know in Hollywood.  I thought I am a new age sensitive guy who, can sit through an average RomCom and not do any tut tutting no matter how ridiculous the plot which brings me to my point.

    Most RomCom’s , IMO, are rubbish and think I thought I do better I can bash out smash RomCom hit over the weekend and be rich by Friday knocking back six figure offers from every major studio.

    Well eight hours later my script incubator has stopped working It was supposed to be so easy right!.  I hate to say it but eight hours in and my masterpiece  stinks.

    I thought a female who likes of a bit of football and nascar could be injected into a typical  RomCom and still maintain a sense of Girl meets Boy and Boy meets a Girl who secretly  deep down wants to go Daytona and watch stock cars race around an oval track at 200+MPH

    I thought it was a terrific idea and got my wife to read the first few pages.

    Afterward I asked if she would pay her ten bucks to go see my little Rom Com, well,  not only would she not pay to see it ,  she told me she would rather pay someone else fifty bucks to take me to see it without her.

    Now I understand she’s not a fan of the ” Average guy would go see it” type RomCom  . My wife even went as low as saying I am not writing a romantic comedy , I am writing a buddy movie and what woman wants to see a buddy movie, since Brad Pitt  got old and Thelma and Louise went over that cliff.

    I have to reconsider the apparent shortfalls of my current offering and think along other lines.

    How about a movie about a guy who’s trying to write a romantic comedy and he meets a female drag racer  while he’s doing research, who just happens to be look like Margot Robbie.

    The ending can be the happy couple blasting off down the  dragstrip  tyres all a smoking and everyone lives happily ever after.

    I suppose not.

    The search continues.





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